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Why Choose

A. K. INFRADREAM LIMITED operates by maintaining a strong network of real estate experts who perform our liaison process, thereby curating the best possible projects across the state and country. Once we lock down on a site, we use our innovative tools to get the project ready for customers with a quick turnaround time.
We own a large repository of cutting-edge project tools and machinery, which allows us to develop sites rapidly and effectively. We also use reputed external vendors for sourcing raw materials. Our team ensures that every aspect of modern amenities is installed in our projects and all basic needs such as pipelines and roads are made with quality materials.
Once the site is developed, the process is then passed on to our sales associates who find the perfect buyer for our projects. The AK Infradream family currently consists of over 10,000 sales associates who are constantly finding leads for us.
We have 18 branches which are led by a team of 20+ strong professionals with leadership capability. Our network of sales associates is growing rapidly, and we also aim to open multiple new branches in the near future.
To ensure that our projects are quickly sold at the right value, we provide our customers with a detailed layout of the real estate site. We also use social media, radio, and banners to extensively market our products. With the help of technology and innovation, we are able to thus usher in a modern era of real estate development in the country.

Finding high-value real estate sites is not always easy, but we have created a network-based procurement process that always allows us to make huge returns on our projects. We have located experienced individuals across the country who are constantly in search of real estate sites that have the potential to provide heavy yields.
Our network of liaisons ensures that all such sites are readily procured and prepped for development. This constant process of procurement and development enables AK Infradreams to create a path of growth that supports our employees as well as our investors.


To change the industry of conventional real estate development, championing excellence-in craftsmanship, planning and service.


We Mission to offer added value to our customers by providing a "whole of life" client support programme to assist in ensuring the best outcome.


Extensive use of social media platforms along with keyword research, Placing of banners and hoardings at popular places for maximum visibility, A network that allows for organic marketing of our projects.